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If you’re here, you’re ready to make some serious changes in your life . . .

Maybe you’re seeking more authenticity or trying to find your purpose and identity in this life. It could also be you’re feeling the desire for deeper - and healthier - relationships with others and yourself.  Perhaps you’re looking for more clarity and focus in your job or at home. Maybe you’re needing more support as you grapple with life-changing transitions.

You hold the power to move forward in ways to achieve the life you really want to lead, to create a new narrative - one filled with authenticity and purpose - for yourself.  Getting there, on your own,can be challenging, difficult even. This is where I, as your life coach, come in, to work with you in recognizing and using that power for growth, and to support you on your journey towards actualization.

How Does It Work?

Don't downgrade your dream to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.

How does life coaching work?

As your life coach, I will give guidance, perspective, and support, along with a set of customized tools and processes, for you to use to make your vision a reality. Accountability is a powerful aspect of my service; I provide gentle yet direct feedback to keep you motivated and aware of your progress. I also challenge your inner critic and help you reframe and overcome negative, destructive thoughts and patterns that are holding you back. You’ll gain perspective and clarity to keep focused, and to gain momentum. Ultimately, you will develop the strength and the tools to face challenges in life with ease and grace on your own.


I work with you from the comforts of your home (or anywhere!) through videophone. In my video sessions with you, we will identify actionable steps and tasks for you to complete in preparation for our next session. In between our appointments, I am also available for support and guidance through a video messaging app at your discretion. Throughout our time together, we will create a customized plan and desired outcomes, tailored not only to your goals but also your schedule and budget,  to help you get from where you are now, to where you want - and need - to be, in life. 


All of my work with you will be conducted through video phone sessions in American Sign Language. I also utilize various messaging apps to stay connected with you, to support you in your journey. I take pride in protecting my clients’ privacy - everything that is shared in our sessions is completely confidential.


Are you ready to make some real changes in your life? Are you ready for your transformation? Let’s take that first step towards to your new life - I invite you contact me to start a conversation about how we can make your growth a reality.

You didn't come this far to only come this far.
Who I Work With
Meet Alana

Who I work with

The people whom I’ve worked with are diverse in their needs, challenges and life experiences. Some of my clients seek life coaching for their personal or professional lives, and many, in both areas. To see how life coaching can benefit you, here are some examples of topics I’ve worked on with my change-seekers.


Individuals Going Through Changes: I work with people who seek purpose and a vision for themselves, and steer them on a journey of self-discovery and authenticity by claiming their confidence and personal power.


Engaged Individuals: I work with people who look to increase inspiration and commitment to goals. Together we unleash the hidden powers of the subconscious mind and break through inertia and fear, resulting a life filled with action and purpose.


Relationship Coaching: I also work with people who need to achieve balance between life, work, family and relationships in today’s hectic, on-the-go world. I share effective tools how to communicate and to reframe situations, which result in more positive relationships, both professionally and personally.


Professional Development Coaching: I welcome people who want to identify and develop unique values and visions in their professional roles which leads to improved relationships with others, renewed passion for work or even changes in jobs. I use my skills, training and experiences to help people develop and maintain clear marketing strategies for business and professional growth. With me, they undergo a image and work environment transformation to one that is productive, positive and produces results.


As you can see, I work with clients with different needs and challenges in different areas of their lives. To see how I can work with you in identify and overcoming your unique set of challenges, I encourage you to take that first step and contact me to start a conversation.

Meet alana

Since 2009, Alana has been empowering and guiding people in reaching their true designations using powerful, transformative life coaching techniques gained from Certified Coaches Federation from which she received her certifications in executive, professional and life coaching. Her area of expertise is guiding individuals who are searching for their purpose and meaning in life to a place of actualization and contentment.


Alana Beal

Certified Life & Executive Coach

In her life coaching work, she draws from personal and professional experiences in working in corporations as Purple Communications, NexTalk, Inc., and MCI/Verzion. As the founder and principal of Creative Consultations, Inc., she has been privileged to work with individuals and teams across the country to help them move past obstacles, uncover their potential and to gain clarity. 

She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Gallaudet University and her Master’s Degree in Organizational Development from University of Phoenix. She currently resides in Matthews, NC. With her husband and enjoys traveling the worlds, reading books from a wide variety of genres and cooking/baking for friends and family.

Kind Words

what others say about alana

Here are some wonderful life-changing testimonials from her clients.

Please note:

Alana values privacy, these clients volunteered to share their experiences and gave explicit permission

to have them posted on this website.

“For so long, I knew I needed to make some changes in my life but didn’t have the support or the know-how to make them happen. I used to read self-help books which often were abandoned and ignored, in favor of doing things that weren’t helpful. My relationships with others weren’t thriving and were often on the toxic side. I was stuck, miserable and just present, but not living. Enter Alana. I’ve been working with her for almost a year since then, I’ve made so many drastic changes that has lead me to where I am now - happier, more content and at peace, and action-driven, DOING things that lead to a full-filled life, both at home and in work. I’m actually accomplishing goals I’ve been wanting to make for such a long time!”

"Working with Alana has been exactly what we needed to get our project off the ground!  She helps us stay on track, foresee problems, capitalize on issues, and generate action items from our ideas. Through her extensive network of friends and colleagues, she has helped connect us to key people at the right times along our journey and this has proven to be a huge asset to our planning.  Alana is conscientious, compassionate, energetic, supportive, and brings an invaluable perspective to every session!"

"My experience with Alana as a life-coach was wonderful. When we first met, my life was chaotic and I had no direction. I was depressed, I knew I had to do something but did not know where to begin nor did I have tools. Throughout our coaching sessions and discussions, Alana helped me find my path and life purpose. I now am thriving socially and professionally."

"I look forward to my coaching sessions with Alana. She has this unique ability to bring balance of attentive listening and sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge.  She really pinpoints the crux of a situation and without doubt, she leaves me with thoughtful insights, helpful tools, brilliant ideas and plenty of questions to contemplate on."

"I made progress with her in few weeks than I have years in therapy!"

"As a stay-at-home mom, I feel like I had no direction, purpose, and life goals.  I was referred to Alana and Bam! She really nailed it and understood everything that I am going through! She is very compassionate and empathetic and you feel right at home with her.  I am definitely staying with her for the long haul."

"Alana had amazing impact on my personal life with positive feedbacks and wake-up calls to realize who I am and how much more I can do!  My close friends noticed the changes in me and I now can say that I am living a meaningful life.  Communicating with Alana is so easy on video and I love it! "

"Alana creates an environment that allowed my true self to shine through, so I could let go of whatever had been holding me back and embrace the future I truly want and deserve."

Having a life coach was the best choice I have made for myself. Alana has guided me through my journey in life, in self discovery and how to process and frame things that were happening in my life with providing me life's necessary tools. And through this, identify areas of growth I needed to work on. Alana also helped me mold the way I perceive, process the daily things in my day to day life. I have been able to grow and transform in to a healthier, confident and stronger self. I'm grateful for where I am within and that's the gift I've been given from this experience with Alana through life coaching.

"Through coaching, Alana has helped me build my self-esteem and self-confidence so much that I am now unwilling to simply just accept unfair circumstances, personal or professional.  She has helped turn my life around from a negative spiral to a positive force.  The bottom line is she has truly helped me stand up for myself, get and

keep my life together."

“I’ve always been a very motivated, productive person. I have not always been able to identify and stick to a direction. My work with Alana has helped me identify clear goals to work on and clear step by step strategies to achieve them.”


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